26 September 2009

Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill

Volunteer Park is one of the nicest parks in Seattle. There are large expanses of grass, and you can walk up the tower and get one of the best views possible. Oh, how majestic.

Location: 15th Ave E & E Highland Dr.
Number of swings: 2 regular, 1 baby seat, 1 baby bucket
Ground material: Wood
Chain length: Short

Standard short-chain swings. This playground is pretty cool though, there are some interesting dinosaur-vertebrae-shaped objects to climb around on. Maybe they're not dinosaur vertebrae. Maybe they aren't vertebrae at all. Whatever. This park overall is greater than its playground, but if you happen to be here and need to get a little swing in, you should be okay. The playground is located near the northeast corner of the park, next to the cemetery. Yes, you get to look at graves while you swing!

How to get there: Bus route #10 runs along 15th Ave NE.

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