25 September 2009

Madison Park

Madison Park. A neighborhood. A park. You may be familiar with Madison Beach, which is across the street. I swam there once, but I find Lake Washington slightly disgusting. That's because I grew up on Lake Chelan, and it doesn't get much cleaner than that. Anyway... these swings are really really really good. Really.

Location: 43rd Ave E & E Howe St.
Number of swings: 4 regular, 1 baby seat, 1 baby bucket, 1 zipline
Ground material: Wood
Chain length: Long

Wow! These swings are GREAT! They are extra long, nicely hanging high off the ground, and they are new! This whole park is nice and new. Madison Park is a neighborhood full of money, so it's good to see that its public playground reflects that. I did witness some horror at this park, however. A baby was placed in the bucket-style swing, having a good time, then his guardian/nanny/caretaker walked away for a moment and WHOA SCREAMING! I looked over to see this baby hanging from his foot on this swing! Upon further inspection, we realized this baby bucket-style swing is BROKEN. Hopefully Seattle Parks gets on that soon.

Note that there is even a zipline at this park. Wow, this park is awesome. Just fix that baby swing, please!

How to get there: Bus routes #11 and 84 encircle this park.