24 September 2009

Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill

I guess Google Maps prefers to use the Bobby Morris Playfield to label this park. But whatever, I go by City of Seattle physical signage!

Location: 11th Ave & E Pine St. on Capitol Hill
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby seats, 2 baby buckets
Ground material: Rubber (from recycled tires?)
Chain length: Medium. (low to ground)

This park is nice. I like parks with rubber ground material. This is also one of Seattle's busiest parks, since it's in the heart of Capitol Hill. But I don't really like these swings. They are the lowest to the ground in all of Seattle. They are also very busy, so good luck getting a swing at any daylight time. But the fountain that runs through this park is my favorite in all of Seattle. I wonder how this park will evolve when the new, adjacent light rail station opens in 2016...

How to get there: Routes #4, 43, 49 and 60 stop along Broadway. Routes #10, 11, and 84 stop along Pine.

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