11 September 2009

FAQ Basics

I've never really explained myself here. No one's ever asked, but maybe if I post this no one will need to.

Location: This is usually an intersection of either familiar-seeming streets, or the corner of the park where the swings are located.
Number of swings: QUANTITY
Ground material: Hey, it can make a difference depending on how you are feeling at a given moment.
Chain length: Not scientific. Maybe even contradictory. I go by whatever it feels like to me, judging from previous swing experiences and such.

Why? Going to parks always was a Seattle hobby of mine and those around me. And we all like swings. And sometimes we go to certain parks because of certain swings. This gives me the chance to archive it, at the very least for myself, and do something productive with the swing times.

How to get there: Sometimes there are a million ways to get there. I just look for the nearest buses, but I usually get there by walking.

And when I tag neighborhoods, sometimes I tag adjacent neighborhoods because it makes sense to me at the time. Some neighborhoods don't have swings of their own, but they are very close to swings that are technically in another neighborhood.

Feel free to ask me questions, suggest local parks, or invite me to your secret swings.

1 comment:

  1. I spent a good while reading at a park yesterday with some pretty excellent swings. It is possibly the best named park in the city: BOOM ISLAND! The park is not an island and there were no explosions during my visit. Nonetheless, it was a good time...old wooden-beam swings right next to the Mississippi and with a view of downtown Mpls. Plenty of picnic tables, and a lot of foliage by the river bank. I plan to return next week sometime...