29 March 2010

Rainier Community Center, Columbia City

Rainier Community Center, another park in the park chain of Rainier Playfield (to the north and west), Genesee Park and Genesee Playfield (both to the east).

Location: 4600 38th Ave S.
Number of swings: 4 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Wood
Chain length: Medium long.

Located behind the community center, in the chain of Columbia City parks I've been blogging about lately, I felt that this park was slightly higher quality than its neighbo(u)rs. It's a relatively new park, in the grand scheme of Seattle parks. Note that there are 2 types of seats:

The rounded-end seats are a little more comfortable/ergonomic (as noted in the post from Beacon Hill Playground).

How to get there: Bus routes #7, 39, 42 all stop a couple blocks away on Rainier.

27 March 2010

Mt. Baker Park, Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker Park is one of those cozy little nooks of Seattle (there are so many of those). It's situated behind a ridge/hill from Lake Washington, and not many blocks off of Rainier. There's a nice path running through it, and the playground is pretty decent. I again apologize for the quality of the images, I will try and take new pictures at a time that isn't twilight.

Location: S Mt Baker Blvd & S McClellan St.
Number of swings:
Ground material: Wood
Chain length: Medium short, short.

Note the inconsistent chain length. Hey, something for everyone, right? Follow the scenic bike trail, the swings are just off of it, just past the zipline. (OMG ZIPLINE)

The zipline is fun, but not as exciting as the one in Cowen Park. It's better than the one in Denny Park, though.

How to get there: Bus route #14 stops right in front of this park. (hey! That bus goes all the way to Capitol Hill!)

Oh, and (¡)Happy Birthday(!) to Doug, Seattle Swinger transplanted to Minneapolis. Read his guest entry here.

26 March 2010

Genesee Park, Columbia City

Genesee Park, a park in a chain with a few others, be sure to walk the path through them all! These swings are at the end of the parking lot.

Location: 42nd Ave S & S Genesee St.
Number of swings: 4 regular, 1 baby bucket, 1 baby seat
Ground material: Wood
Chain length: Medium short.

Good swings. Pretty basic. View of lots of grass and/or a parking lot. There are some nearby athletic fields. Follow the path in either direction and you'll run into more parks, swings, lake.

How to get there: Bus routes #34 and 39 stop along S Genesee St.

25 March 2010

Order a Park Guide

Guess what I got in the mail today?

A Seattle Park Guide! It's an awesome map of parks within the Seattle city limits.

Request your own at the Seattle Parks and Recreation website.

23 March 2010

Lowman Beach Park, West Seattle

Lowman Beach Park has one of the first swings I came across when I first moved to Seattle for college way back when. Tucked away along Beach Drive, just after the uphill turnoff for Lincoln Park, this park is also connected to Lincoln Park (and my favorite swinging experience) and Alki via the bike/trail route that encircles West Seattle.

Location: 7017 Beach Dr. SW
Number of swings: 1 regular, 1 baby
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Short.

Yet another amazing place in Seattle to swing and watch the sunset. And water. I always find myself called towards waters wherever I am. The chain on this single regular swing is short, although quite high off the ground, allowing my super-long legs to dangle. Not the most invigorating swinging experience, but a nice place to sit and peer out to the shore.

I caught the sunset on this day. It was glorious. I also found the adjacent trees inviting.

How to get there: Bus route #37 stops along Beach Dr., right next to the park.

20 March 2010

Rainier Playfield, Columbia City

Happy first day of spring! Vernal Equinox! Nowruz! Come to Rainier Playfield, gateway to a string of parks with swings that will be documented today and in upcoming entries.

Location: Rainier Ave & S Oregon St.
Number of swings: 6 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Sand, Wood chips
Chain length: Medium long.

Two (2) swingsets, on the corner with 38th! 4 regular swings over a sand pit and a playground with wood chips containing a 2:2 regular:baby set. I like this park, you can follow the trail and come across a few more between Rainier and Lake Washington.

How to get there: Bus routes #7, 39, 42 stop along Rainier. 42 turns on to Oregon and gets you closer to the swings.

06 March 2010

Twin Lake Elementary, Federal Way

I don't recommend prowling around elementary schools if you aren't an elementary student or at least accompanied by one. But on a No School Day, the playgrounds are fair game. I came across these swings on a spooky foggy morning.

Location:SW 320th St & 45th Pl SW
Number of swings: 8 regular, 2 sets of 4.
Ground material: Rubber below swings, wood chips around.
Chain length: Inconsistent. Some are medium, some medium-long. Length of chain corresponds to height off ground.

Good swings. Many swings. It's inconsistent, the chain length/length off ground factor, but I suppose people enjoy selection. There aren't many chances to enjoy these swings unless you're a student at the school, but summer will come soon enough. This morning that I went was quite spooky with the fog and empty school. I'm glad I made it out of there safely.

How to get there: Bus route #187 stops along 320th.

05 March 2010

Beacon Hill Playground, Beacon Hill

SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN SEATTLE! I've been taking some majestic bike rides up and down Seattle's hills lately. Beacon Hill Playground is at the top of... yep, Beacon Hill. It is adjacent to Beacon Hill Elementary. Along 14th. It's really easy to find. I apologize for the bad quality of these photos, probably not a good time of day for the phone. UPDATE 04/07/2010: I have a better photo to share!

Location: 14th Ave S & S Holgate St.
Number of swings: 4 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Long.

First thoughts upon sitting. Butt ergonomics. Is there a specific term for that? These seats are comfortable; it might be due to the shape. Overall, these are pretty good quality swings. On this night, I faced SW and got the nice trailings of the sunset over West Seattle.

How to get there: Bus routes #36 and 60 stop along 14th Ave S.