31 January 2010

Celebration Park, Federal Way

And we end January with a post from... Federal Way? But that's not Seattle! Well, my friends, I have some news for you. This Seattle Swinger spent all last summer desperately unemployed, which is why I was able to visit so many beautiful swings! And now, well, I have a job, and it's in Federal Way. But I still live on Capitol Hill, and Seattle will always be the focus of this blog. However, since I'm spending so much frickin time in Federal Way, I might as well post about some of the swings!

Location: 9th Ave S, where it curves into S 330th St., in Federal Way.
Number of swings: 2 regular
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Short.

Hard seats. Just like at Powell Barnett Park in the Central District. Actually these two sets of swings are very very similar. I like a good hard, inflexible seat once in a while. It's a nice change-up from the usual.

Celebration Park is a rather large park, filled with swampy natural flora areas and a walking/dog walking trail that runs under the electrical lines. Hummmm you hear overhead. It's creepily comforting. So if you ever find yourself in Federal Way...

How to get there: Bus route #903 stops along 11th Pl S, which turns into the street this park is on.

22 January 2010

Dahl Playfield, Wedgwood

Dahl Playfield is pretty cool. It's next to University Prep, but don't hold that against it. There's some nice nature-y landscaping present.

Location: NE 77th St & 25th Ave NE
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Pebbles
Chain length: Long.

Note that the ground material here is pebbles. I think I prefer this kind of ground material. Most of Seattle's parks contain wood chips as a ground material, and I like that as well. Wood is absorbent of forces, soft, wood-smelling, but I do appreciate a good alternative. Sand is hard and gets into your shoes and every crevice of every thing you have. Rubber material is soft and cushiony, but it's a single piece, with similar shearing-action pain as asphalt. Pebbles provide a similar cushion-like absorbency without the stick/slivery mess of wood. And the sound of jumping on them! Kssssh. I like pebbles. (yeah, pebbles get stuck in your shoes too, but whatever. What do you think of ground materials? Feel free to discuss in comments section.)

I really liked Dahl Park. or Playfield. or Park adjacent to Playfield. I like the landscaping, with the pond and all, and it makes me wonder if it's natural. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised either way. This park is spacious, away-from-it-all, and the playground seems like a relatively recent version/upgrade compared with other Seattle parks.

How to get there: Bus route #68, 378 run along 75th & 25th. The 72 runs nearby on Ravenna.

01 January 2010

Richmond Beach Community Park, Shoreline

Happy New Year! Richmond Beach Community Park is a nice big grassy field with a nice playground. The playground contains one of Seattle's more unique/special swings.

Location: 2201 NW 197th St., in Shoreline
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby, 1 interesting hand-pump swing
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Medium-short.

The swings are pretty standard. Medium-short chains giving good momentum, and I like the long expanse of grass to view while swinging. But hey, look at that weird swing:

Whoa! Hand pumps? This swing was pretty fun to try out. Some day, after I lose my legs in a tragic accident, I'll remember to return to this park so I can still get my swing on.

How to get there: Bus route #304 stops along NW 196th St.