17 September 2009

Eckstein Community Park, Ravenna

Awh, what a cute park, tucked away in NE Seattle. There's some really nice grass here, they must take good care of it.

Location: 21st Ave NE & NE 68th St in Ravenna.
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby seats, 2 baby buckets. 1 tire swing.
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Medium.

These swings are pretty good. The seats are nice and new, and I found the chain length and height off ground favorable. This really is a pretty cool playground, there's all sorts of fun toys for the kids to play on. Oh, and there's a tire swing. Can you tell I'm not really that excited about tire swings?

How to get there: Bus routes #64, 71, 76 and 83 stop at 21st & 65th.

1 comment:

  1. tire swings make me dizzy and nauseous. real swings make me smile.