26 July 2010

Richmond Beach, Shoreline

Richmond Beach is my favo(u)rite beach in Seattle. I think. I really like Alki and Carkeek, but Richmond has a nice southern stretch where you can get a more isolated patch of sand. And after all these trips to this beach, I finally noticed the swing. Don't come here [just] to swing. But if you find yourself next to the swing, and it is empty, enjoy that view. Oh my.

Location: End of 20th Ave NW (basically 185th & Puget Sound + follow signs)
Number of swings: 1 regular, 1 baby
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Medium

As I said above, not the greatest swing, but a nice seat. A nice view. Perhaps a perfect moment of zen? There's only 1, so be sure not to spend too much time if there are others waiting. Besides, you'd rather be down on that beach anyway.

How to get there: Bus routes 304 and 348 will bring you to the nearest bus stop, 195th & 20th NW. That's kind of a long walk, but that's ok, walking is good for you.

13 July 2010

OUT-OF-TOWN SWINGS: Whitney Elementary, Yakima, WA

I was visiting my mom in Yakima recently. Over the years of visits like these, I've noticed that many of the schools in Yakima have swingsets. There was a weird exodus of swingsets from schools everywhere else at one point, not sure why, it's not like they're ever unsafe or anything... and yet the swings in Yakima schools remain intact. Right now the children are on summer vacation, so the general public can with less worry enter this space for general recreation.

Location: 4411 West Nob Hill Blvd., Yakima, WA 98908
Number of swings: 6 medium-length, 4 long.
Ground material: Pebbles
Chain length: medium/long.

Oh so much sky to see while swinging in Yakima. The long-chain swings looked awesome, for they are slightly longer than average, but they did not feel very safe. The chains are too close to the bar of the swingset, and every pendulum swing results in a click-clack moving motion of the swing attachment. Unnerving. Hopefully they will fix that.