06 September 2009

Magnolia Park, Magnolia

Surrounded by blackberry bushes, and peering out to Puget Sound atop a bluff, Magnolia Park is a beautiful Seattle destination. It's swings aren't that great, however. But I've never really come to this park for the swings, I usually come here to look at that amazing view, just as I previously described.

Location: Magnolia Blvd W & W Garfield St, in Magnolia
Number of swings: 2 regular
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Short

So this was the first time I've ever had to wait my turn for swings because other adults were using them. OK, maybe it wasn't the first time, but it did leave an impression on me. But after waiting my turn, I got on a swing, and there were other adults peering, waiting their turns as well. There was one child seeming to want a swing at one point, but she obviously knew the competition was stiff. These swings are short, but give you some good momentum. The chains and their attachments to the pole squeak and click, and every moment is full of excitement from the thrill of thoughts like "maybe this will break, and I will die or be injured!"

How to get there: Bus routes #24 and 33 stop along 28th Ave W and Thorndyke Ave W. Routes #19 and 31 go down Condon Way.


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  2. Jeff and I went to a park with swings today. The swings aren't the best, though they are sturdy and the ride is smooth unless you start going too high and get some slack in the chain (which is sometimes desirable). but it is close to this AMAZING middle-eastern restaurant/grocery/deli shop called Holy Land (holylandbrand.com). We scarfed down their hummus last year during your time here. I have a huge tandori chicken pita sandwich from there that is both my lunch and dinner today. I think it would be worth a trip to this park if you visit again, probably around the same time of day as many of your postings. (Lowry Ave NE & Johnson St NE in Mpls if you wanna see where it is on a map)