01 December 2010

OUT-OF-TOWN SWINGS: MiklatĂșn Park, Reykjavik, Iceland

So this Seattle Swinger spent his Thanksgiving 2010 in Iceland. And you can bet he found some swings. Check it out:

Location: Langahli∂ & Miklabraut, Reykjavik
Number of swings: 1 regular, 1 tire; 1 zipline
Ground material: Pebbles
Chain length: Medium.

Oh my, Reykjavik. Sleepy little Reykjavik. This park is where you'll find the Kjarvalssta∂ir branch of the Reykjavik Art Museum. The park is pretty big, and although I visited in the winter, I imagine the greenspace is beautiful during the warmer season. There are many walking trails through the park, and one of these trails leads past a sad-looking skateboard ramp towards a little playground.

The swing is pretty good! The chains are covered in hose material (to provide comfort?). If you jump off the swing, your landing is softened by pebbles. This was a happy little pit stop for me on my way to hiking up the next hill to check out the Perlan.

Oh look! A zipline! This zipline, due to its tilt, outperforms all ziplines in Seattle, although it is nearly identical physically. Fun times.