13 September 2009

Magnolia Community Center, Magnolia

Henry Peck Children's Play Area at the Magnolia Community Center...

...and this one isn't even labeled on the map. Oh, how shameful. This park is a much more comprehensive play environment than almost every other Seattle playground.

Location: 34th Ave W & W Smith St. in Magnolia
Number of swings: 5 regular, 1 baby seat, 4 baby buckets.
Ground material: Wood chips.
Chain length: Long.

Long chains! Get really high! However, the seats are VERY close to the ground, so don't hurt yourself. This park is adjacent to Catharine Blake K-8 School, so of course many children come included. But there are plenty of swings for everyone! I really like this park.

How to get there: Bus route #24 stops along 24th. #1, 31 and 34 stop along nearby McGraw St. All Magnolia buses seem to go along there somewhere.

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