09 September 2009

Georgetown Playfield, Georgetown

Georgetown is great. It's really isolated from the rest of Seattle, but it's a neighborhood that I enjoy. This swings in this park are very close to the door of Georgetown Liquor Company.

Location: Padilla Pl S & S Homer St in Georgetown
Number of swings: 2 baby seats, 2 regular, 2 baby buckets
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Short. Maybe medium-short.

These are fun swings. Short chains, but it's a great location to swing. There's nothing but sounds of I-5 and the trains. Aaah, Georgetown.

How to get there: #131 Bus stops along Airport Way. So does #134. #60 Bus stops along nearby Bailey St.


  1. this looks like a fun park. these are the kind of swings i was telling you about the other night that i don't like as much as older swings. the chains are all short, and prevent you from getting up very high. screw that crap, man.

  2. ...also...that looks like it was a really nice rainy day to go swinging. could it be that i am now psychologically prepared for autumn? and even excited for it?! yes!

  3. dinner, drinks and swinging in Georgetown! yes please! i'd love to go back here!