07 August 2009

Rogers Playground, Eastlake

Rogers Playground in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle contains some great swings.

Location of park: Eastlake Ave. E. & E. Roanoke St.
Number of swings: 4 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Wood chips

The great thing about these swings is that their chains are about medium length (shorter than the swings at the park on 8th Ave NE and NE 50th St. in the U-District, but longer than the swings at the south end of Lincoln Park in West Seattle), and they are covered with yellow grip! I can swing really hard on these and my hands stay comfortable.

While you swing, you can enjoy the view of the adjacent tennis courts. Or you can swing the other way and look at a tree with a school in the background. The view is pretty standard playground, nothing stunning like the view of Puget Sound from the Lincoln Park swings, but it's not as bad as staring at an empty wall.

How to get there:
Drive: you can park along the streets that border the park.
Bus: #66X, 70, 71 72, 73, 83 stop along Eastlake Ave. #25 stops along Roanoke St. #49 stops along Broadway at Roanoke St.

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  1. Your blog is amazingly thorough. I love it. I had a great time swinging here on my last visit :) Come to Mpls and do a special entry about it.