19 August 2009

The Bluff, Shoreline

And now for some juicier swing adventures.

The Bluff in Shoreline is a beautiful picnic/view/hike place. There also happens to be a homemade swing in the brush.

Location of trail beginning: The end of 15th Ave NW after it comes off of NW Springdale Pl in Shoreline. (just south of Richmond Beach)

The first trail opens up to the bluff:

Just take the next trail down into the ruffage, it can be found by staying to the left against the hillside; the swing will appear in a green-lit clearing. You can get some good air, but the ever-fraying condition of the rope as it continually rubs against the tree causes some anxiety. Or it gives you a rush. Same feeling, different connotations. Watch out for the inevitable twisting action of the rope. I wonder how much longer that fraying rope will last...

Go a little further down the trail: there is a graveyard of swings past. It reminds me of pirate hangmen. Is this perhaps an ominous message to the swinging community? Meh.

How to get there: You might want to drive or walk in. This area is pretty residential. See above for trailhead location.

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