07 August 2009

Cascade Park/Playground, Cascade

Nestled in the Cascade neighborhood just out of downtown is a cute little park and playground.

It's a dinky little park, but there are swings! Well, sort of.

Location: Harrison St. & Minor Ave. N
Swings: 1 regular, 1 seat
Ground material: Wood chips

I definitely judged this swing negatively before taking a seat. The chain is short, as if it were made for a child and not a 25-year-old (a child? at a playground? c'mon now). However, the swinging here was pretty decent. This is definitely not a destination swing, but if you happen to be nearby and feel the urge, give this swing a go.

While you swing, you get to look out over the grassy field. This playground has posted "rules" about how to play "Hot Lava." This is a game everyone has played on every playground for all time, but this was the first time I saw it actually posted at the playground. There was a little map showing children how to avoid dropping into the wood chip "lava." Maybe some day I'll edit this post and include a picture of it.

How to get there:
Street parking available.
Bus: #70, 71, 72, 73, 83 stop in both directions along Fairview Ave. at Harrison St. #25 stops in both directions along Eastlake Ave. at Harrison St.

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