18 August 2009

Mercerdale Park, Mercer Island

This Seattle swinger has now infiltrated Mercer Island!

Mercerdale Park
Location: 78th Ave SE & SE 32nd St.
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length is medium-short.

Honestly, I was expecting something a little more fancy on Mercer Island. Seattle's inner city has better playgrounds than this, but Seattle is amazing like that. These swings are ok though; they remind me of the swings at the Cascade Playground: short-ish chains that get you going quickly, within a few pumps of my long adult legs. Maybe I need to further explore the island, or maybe I should go catch a bus back into the city.

How to get there: Buses #201 and 204 stop next to the park. I took #550 bus from the bus tunnel to the Mercer Island Park & Ride, and then walked.

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