22 August 2009

Cowen Park, U-District

Cowen Park is at the end of the Ave in the U-District, just after you cross Ravenna Blvd.
I used to come here often as an undergrad, especially after the discovery of the zipline.

Location: Ravenna Blvd. between 15th Ave NE and Brooklyn Ave NE.
Number of swings: 2 regular, 2 baby buckets, 1 zipline
Ground material: Wood chips.
Chain length: LONG

These are some of the longest chains I've come across in my Seattle swinging adventures. This makes it challenging to get momentum, but once you get going... wow. You can swing very high and at great speeds. This is about as close to flying as we can get.

The zipline is very popular. Especially during college party hours.

Cowen Park also contains some hiking trails that lead you to Ravenna Park.

How to get there: Take any of the buses that go up the Ave (University Way): #71, 72, 73, 83, Cowen Park is at the end, bordered by Brooklyn Ave NE, Ravenna Blvd., and 15th Ave NE.
You can also take northbound #66 and 67, which run on 11th Ave NE. Route #48 stops at 15th Ave NE and Cowen Pl NE.

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