07 August 2009

Denny Park, Denny Triangle

Denny Park. Everyone in Seattle knows where this is; it's right by the Space Needle! And the park is a little uninviting sometimes, but trust me, it's a beautiful place to sit on the grass and enjoy a lunchtime picnic. But there are no swings.

But this is a swinging blog, right? Well, there's a swingline! Or is it zipline? I'll tag it as zipline. Anyway, this is like a swing attached to a pulley attached to a cord. So you jump on and swing all the way down the track! There's another (slightly more exciting) one in Ravenna Park in the extreme north of the U-District. That park also contains real swings, and I will definitely post about it in the near future.

Location: Denny Way between 9th Ave N and Dexter Ave N.
Ground material: Wood chips

The swingline has black rubber grip, similar to the swings at Rogers Playground in Eastlake, but this is in much better condition. It may even be... *NEW* (cue gasps).
It's exciting.
For about 30 seconds.

Wanna go there?
There's a little bit of street parking.
Or a million buses go by there. Examples include: #8 stops in both directions at Denny Way and Westlake Ave. Or take any bus that goes to the Seattle Center. You can also take the SLUT/Seattle Streetcar to Westlake Ave & 9th.

Denny Park is also Seattle's oldest park. Read all about it at the wikipedia entry.

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