05 December 2009

OUT-OF-TOWN SWINGS: Minnehana Park, Minneapolis (Guest Entry)

Today's post is a guest entry from my good friend, Doug, who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Doug is a swing enthusiast as well, and when we attended UW together, we had many a swing adventure, planting the seeds of this very swing blog.
So enjoy the guest entry, it is my hope to occasionally show you, my dear Seattle Swingers, the beauty of out-of-town swings. Oh, and for the record, I have indeed swung on these swings, back in September 2008 when I was in Minneapolis visiting Doug and attending another good friend's wedding.

(post written and photographed by Doug)

In my (limited) explorations of Twin Cities parks so far, this one easily stands out as having both the best swings and the best swinging experience. The swings themselves are great fun, though I wish the chains were a bit longer. The chain length (which seems to be endemic to parks here from what I have seen) prevent you from getting up too high, but it's a smooth if sometimes squeaky ride with a terrific overview of the park grounds. The park itself is easily my favorite in Minneapolis, though. So: well-above average (but not perfect) swings + incredible park combined make this a must-visit spot if you find yourself in Minneapolis. Notice the many lovely oak trees. They are beautiful in all the four seasons.

Of course another highlight of the park is the waterfall, currently ensconced in icicles. There is also a system of trails leading to the Mississippi River. Come here with friends for some lovely swings, and then take a short hike. If you come here at the right times you can be sure to avoid too many people as well. Winter apparently scares plenty of people off since I was there on a Saturday afternoon and the place was practically deserted.

Location: 4801 S. Minnehaha Park Dr. Minneapolis, MN 55417
Number of swings: 5 regular (bring a group!), 2 baby buckets
Ground Material: Sand or snow depending on time of year
Chain Length: Medium

How to get there: Once in Minneapolis, the Hiawatha Line light rail (route #55) stops right by the park.



  1. I'm going to have to show you a new picture of the park, michael. it has been transformed by a decent and permanent-til-spring snowfall and the waterfall itself is a giant icicle. i went there again today and can you believe that there were ZERO footprints in the snow (which fell tuesday night) by the swings? well they have some fresh footprints now :) I suppose this means that the ground material for these swings is now officially "snow."

  2. I can't wait to go to these swings again! I like how there's a photo of you enjoying them, Doug ;)