06 March 2010

Twin Lake Elementary, Federal Way

I don't recommend prowling around elementary schools if you aren't an elementary student or at least accompanied by one. But on a No School Day, the playgrounds are fair game. I came across these swings on a spooky foggy morning.

Location:SW 320th St & 45th Pl SW
Number of swings: 8 regular, 2 sets of 4.
Ground material: Rubber below swings, wood chips around.
Chain length: Inconsistent. Some are medium, some medium-long. Length of chain corresponds to height off ground.

Good swings. Many swings. It's inconsistent, the chain length/length off ground factor, but I suppose people enjoy selection. There aren't many chances to enjoy these swings unless you're a student at the school, but summer will come soon enough. This morning that I went was quite spooky with the fog and empty school. I'm glad I made it out of there safely.

How to get there: Bus route #187 stops along 320th.

1 comment:

  1. I like the fog. the weather people keep saying here that the next few days are going to feel like seattle, and we've had lots of fog so i guess they were right. it's like a little preview!