20 March 2010

Rainier Playfield, Columbia City

Happy first day of spring! Vernal Equinox! Nowruz! Come to Rainier Playfield, gateway to a string of parks with swings that will be documented today and in upcoming entries.

Location: Rainier Ave & S Oregon St.
Number of swings: 6 regular, 2 baby
Ground material: Sand, Wood chips
Chain length: Medium long.

Two (2) swingsets, on the corner with 38th! 4 regular swings over a sand pit and a playground with wood chips containing a 2:2 regular:baby set. I like this park, you can follow the trail and come across a few more between Rainier and Lake Washington.

How to get there: Bus routes #7, 39, 42 stop along Rainier. 42 turns on to Oregon and gets you closer to the swings.


  1. hooray! i got to see this picture pre-blog-publishing. i feel so privileged. as predicted there is no more snow on the ground here, fuck yeah. i will have to re-commence canvassing minneapolis parks/swings.

  2. Did you post the last entries at 4:20 pm/am on purpose? :)

  3. 12:48 = 2^x, where x=0,1,2,3.