11 October 2009

Lincoln Park (lower playground), West Seattle

This post is about (the lower playground of) Lincoln Park in West Seattle. (The street-level "upper playgrounds" are in another post.)

THESE ARE THE BEST SWINGS IN SEATTLE. Ok, not the best swings, but the best SWINGING EXPERIENCE. And I believe one would have quite the challenge finding someone who disagrees. If you disagree, you are wrong.

Location: Lincoln Park, which spans a portion of Fauntleroy Way SW in West Seattle.
Number of swings: 3 regular, 1 baby bucket.
Ground material: Wood chips.
Chain length: Medium

Seriously. Look at that. You can swing and watch the ferries come in and out on their way to Vashon and Southworth. Sniff that Puget Sound air. Go ahead, take a stroll next to the water when you're done swinging. These swings have always played a very important part in my love affair with Seattle. They aren't the best swings, but they are standard good swings, and there is no other place you can have that view while swinging in Seattle.

I love this place.

How to get there: Bus route #54 stops along Fauntleroy Way SW.

1 comment:

  1. Swinging here is easily one of the most magical experiences I get to have in Seattle. You don't just have a breathtaking view, but for some reason swinging here makes you feel that you are very much a part of the magic as well. Ferry boats, sparkles on the water, the forested hill behind you providing a sense of shelter. In fact, no matter what time of day you are here it's magical. Night-time swinging with the stars, swinging with a gorgeous orange sunset, or in mid-day with a line of sunshine reflected and sparkling in the water. Hell I'd swing here in the rain. Sea, land, sky all around and the swings here invite you to experience all of it. Part of the joy of swinging is the fantasy of self-propelled flight. Nowhere else does this come closer to being felt as a reality. Joy is probably the best word to describe it.