31 October 2009

Meridian Playground, Wallingford

First of all, Happy Halloween! Today's post will be of a place we once dubbed "Scary Park," since it seemed really creepy at night. That could be because it is a(n) historical landmark full of signs of the creepy past, like the remains of an orchard. (Wikipedia article: Meridian Playground/Home of the Good Shepard)

Location: Meridian Ave N & N 50th St. in Wallingford
Number of swings: 6 regular, 4 baby (2 sets of 2)
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Medium-long.

I really like these swings. It's nice to have 6 regular swings in a row! The chains are pretty long, and the seats are high enough off the ground for an adult to use. As you swing you can view out to the big grassy field and find some joy.

Another gem of Seattle, this park has enough interesting components to keep anyone happy. There's plenty of grass, there are remnants of an old orchard (as mentioned above), and a old creepy building lurks in the background. The playground is one of the newer types in Seattle, similar to the toys at Madison Park.

How to get there: Bus route #16 runs along Meridian Ave in both directions.

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