07 October 2009

Loft Swing, Georgetown-ish

Now THIS is why I created this blog. Anyone who has a swing INSIDE THEIR HOME is a hero of mine. I welcome any and all invitations to observe, try out and write about special swings.

Location: a loft near Georgetown
Number of swings: 1
Ground material: Cement floor
Chain length: Super long.

This swing is the perfect indoor swing. The rope is tied around a long/wide beam, and the physics of the situation keeps the swing from being a normal, out-of-control playground swing. It is a very smooth, controlled ride. The seat is hard wood, lending to a more old-fashioned, hanging-from-a-tree experience, like that one painting... I think it's called "The Swing?" (actually I'm not a fan of that painting, or really any Rococo painting of lewd French aristocrats)

How to get there: by lucky invite :)

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