27 October 2009

Beach swing, NE Vashon Island

It's fun to find random cool swings when you're just wandering around.

Location: beach along NE Vashon Island. Just north of Winghaven King County Park/Northeast Vashon Park, and on what is probably private property.
Number of swings: 1
Ground material: Beach sand/water, depending on tides and weather.
Chain length: Medium-short.

If I had a tree and some beachfront property, I'd have a swing like this. It was surprisingly sturdy and fun. You can't swing too hard, the tree branch prevents any crazy shenanigans. But it's a nice place to sit, swing lightly, and peer out south along Puget Sound. Note: an adult butt will not fit in the seat. I'm scrawny, but my bone structure does not fit. I slid back and sat with my thighs.

How to get there: Walk north along the beach from the Winghaven/Northeast Vashon Park (appears to be a kayak stop) and trespass at your own risk.

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