22 August 2010

NEWS: Leschi Park swings are gone! (UPDATED)

UPDATE 4/9/11: New swings are in! And they're good!

UPDATE 8/22/10: According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, there is a Play Area Safety Program underway (and very behind schedule). The swings in Leschi Park are being replaced, and the ground material is being switched from sand to wood chips. I hope they put good swings in!

Originally posted 8/21/10:

I was riding my bike along Lake Washington Blvd today, and when I decided to make a detour to some of my favo(u)rite swings at Leschi Park, all I found was a taped-off dirt pit:

Are they being replaced? These were older, wonderfully long-chained beauties of swings, and it pains me to see them gone.

I will post updates when I get more information.

Location:35th Ave S,Seattle,United States

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