24 November 2009

Pratt Park, First Hill/Yesler

Originally posted on 04 Sept. 2009, I have updated this post with a photo of the awesome water sprinklers, although it's a post-water-shut-off winter photo.

Location: 18th Ave S & E Yesler Way on the Yesler Terrace area outside the Central and International Districts.
Number of swings: 2 regular, 1 baby bucket, 1 baby seat.
Ground material: Wood chips
Chain length: Medium-short.

This place made me a little excited, but not because of the swings. The swings were just ok. Short chains, but good momentum. I actually cut my swinging short here because I got distracted by the water.

There's a little children's water park adjacent to the playground: this horse shoots water, you can swivel to aim it, and you can play with other sprinkler water guns or stand under a shower...!!! This place is probably very fun in the summer during one of those few hot hot days here in Seattle.

How to get there: Bus route #27 stops along Yesler Way in both directions. Route #14 stops nearby along S Jackson St.

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  1. drawn to the water! i need to meet this magical horselike creature!